Friday, September 11, 2015

The History of Perfume

We are so quick to purchase a new fragrance that we like but do we know where and how perfume came into existence? Perfume has been around since the early Egyptian days and has since then evolved into a staple of our daily cosmetic routine. This article describes the journey and evolution of perfume from modern today to ancient times.

Today, wearing perfume is considered one of the main components of a person’s appearance. Both men and women apply perfume as a way of pampering themselves, for pleasure or to express intimacy.

In the modern era, perfumes are available at affordable prices and in almost all kinds of price ranges. They are manufactured using aroma chemicals and man-made aromatic compounds thus making them cheaper and advanced in terms of their quantity and quality. Creativity and technology remain the essence of making perfume. 

Classic perfume was made from aromatic natural raw materials and flowers derived from different techniques and tactics in the early Roman Empire days. These were obtained from both animal and botanical resources and turned out to be highly expensive and only the well-to-do class of people could afford it. With the advancements in technology and modern chemistry after the 19th century, the classic perfume saw a gradual transformation into a contemporary version. 

Perfume can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Rome and the Middle East eras. Fragrances were often used as part of religious ceremonies with the belief that they could communicate with the gods with the burning of incense.  The common ingredients in early perfume were myrrh, frankincense, peppermint and rose.

Women were the primary users of perfume as a beautification ritual and a sign of status.  Perfume was also considered a gift of compassion, affection and played a significant role in courtship and romance. 

Caution should be exercised with using cheap perfumes.  These are usually not made from ingredients of good standards.  The same goes for counterfeit products that may smell like the original perfume but will be made from low grade ingredients that may cause harm to your skin. At Perfume Aroma, we carry name brand perfumes at great prices.  Visit our website today and don’t miss out on the savings.

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