Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Shopping Online Should Not Be Feared

Online shopping has exploded over the last decade since it gives us the ability to shop whenever we want without leaving the comfort of our homes.  Gone are the days where people spent an afternoon at the mall shopping for their favorite perfume and cologne products.

With the convenience of shopping online for perfume or cologne comes the risk of the products that you will receive.  To put your fears to rest I have a compiled a list of tips for buying perfume and cologne online.

Here are my tips:

DO YOUR HOMEWORK: Read about the brand of perfume or cologne you like and research where to find it.  Check out articles and blogs online about what you are interested in.  These usually have great tips that will guide you in how to select the right fragrance for you. Smart shoppers search for articles and tips written by famous people and fashion gurus on how to wear and select a perfume.

QUESTIONNAIRES/QUIZZES: There are questionnaires and quizzes online that can help you choose and determine what scents you may like.  These factor in your personality, lifestyle, and work which can lead to what fragrance is perfect for you.  All perfumes and colognes are described by their “notes”.  Knowing the themes or families of notes, whether they be fresh, floral, woodsy or oriental, to name a few, will help narrow down the fragrance right for you. You’ll also want to keep in mind that fragrances can be for daytime casual wear or for those romantic nights.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL: When reading anything be sure to pay attention to the details, descriptions and customer reviews.  Most websites or online stores will give a clear description of the perfume or cologne.  These descriptions should evoke some kind of emotion. That way you’ll get an understanding of whether or not the scent matches your personality or lifestyle.  Look for descriptions that really appeal to you.

WHERE TO BUY:  Your purchases should only be from legitimate online sellers.  Check out their reviews, ask around and read as much as you can about them.  Do comparison shopping with online retailers and different websites for the different fragrances.  Watch out for middlemen and illegitimate sellers. 

SHIPPING: Find out if shipping is free or extra if not already indicated.  You may also be eligible for free shipping if purchasing more than one.  To estimate how long it will take for your items to arrive, inquire about the origin of the online retailer.  Ask if the website does international shipping.

PAYMENT PROCESSING: Check that the website has a safe and secure gateway to remit payments.  You will usually see a logo on the website that indicates this.

REFUND POLICY: Unless already stated, be sure to inquire about their policies, guarantees and refunds. Find out if they even offer refunds in the event of dissatisfaction.

TIMING: Buying perfume and cologne online is a great way to save money while getting your favorite scents.  Watch for promotions, discounts for holidays or special occasions to buy your fragrances.  Most online retailers can afford to charge lower prices for their merchandise because they don’t have a lot of overhead unlike a brick and mortar store does.  Passing the savings on to the customer is their goal.

Following these simple tips will make your online shopping experience more enjoyable whether purchasing for yourself or as a gift.

Making comfortable, informed purchases from the internet should never leave you feeling uneasy.  At Perfume Aromas, you can be assured that you will receive a great selection of fragrances at low prices and awesome customer service. Visit our website today!

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