Monday, July 27, 2015

Precaution to Applying Perfume

I thought I would share a recent experience I had with a new perfume (name will not be disclosed) so this doesn’t happen to you.   My husband and I were going to attend a special event so I purchased a new outfit and to go along with it I also bought a new perfume that smelled great and fit the occasion.  

The night of the event we were rushing to get dressed and I applied my perfume just like I usually do, to my wrists, behind my ears and a slight mist in the air to walk through.  As we were sitting at the dinner table I looked down and there were these small dots all over my outfit where the perfume spray had landed and the end of my sleeves were even worse.

I was shocked, horrified, embarrassed and in tears that my expensive outfit was ruined and there was nothing I could do.  I rushed to the bathroom to see if I could use club soda to remove some of the small dots but that didn’t work.  So I spent the remainder of the evening sitting at the table with my hands in my lap waiting for what was to be an awesome evening to end.

The lesson learned is that some perfumes can react negatively to certain fabrics, as I found out.  Be extremely careful when applying your perfume to avoid the same situation that I encountered.

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