Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Selecting The Perfect Wedding Day Perfume Fragrance

Recently my daughter got married and amidst all the planning from the ceremony, to the venue, the cake,
buying the perfect wedding dress, she wanted a fragrance that was special for her most memorable day.

The perfume we wear on a daily basis may not be suitable for special occasions, it may be too strong and offense to some people and in this case may clash with what her soon to be husband was planning on wearing.

These are tips that I gave her to keep in mind when looking for her wedding day signature scent:

•    Our sense of smell is at its peak in the afternoon so that is the most opportune time to go.

•    To narrow your search, decide if you are a more of a floral, fruity, or natural scent type of person.

•    Perfume smells different on each of us, so what your girlfriend just wore for her wedding may not evoke the same smell.

•    In order to get the full effect of what the fragrance will smell like, apply a small amount to your pulse points, such as your wrists or neck.  Your olfactory senses will get overloaded if you try too many scents, therefore, limit yourself to two fragrances each trip.

•    You want to be able to smell the top, middle and base notes of the fragrance and to accomplish this you need to wait till the perfume dries.  This can take anywhere from a half hour to an hour to get the full benefit of the perfume.

She followed these simple tips and selected the perfect perfume for her day.  Not only did she look beautiful, she smelled amazing as well! 

I hope these tips help you not only when looking for a perfume for a special occasion but also for daily wear.  Click on the link now to view our great selection of perfumes. 

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