Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tips on how men should use cologne

Have you ever been around a man who when they walk past you the overwhelming smell of cologne immediately gives you a pounding headache and makes you want to run to the hills for fresh air?

How much cologne should I use and where should I apply it?

This should be obvious but you'd be surprised, don't bathe yourself in cologne. Doing this will have the opposite effect you're looking for. There are a couple of good areas to apply cologne. These areas are called "pulse points." So some of the best places to apply cologne to your body would be your chest and the base of your throat. This allows the cologne to get mixed in with your natural odor and pheromones. You can also put a dab under each ear but sparingly. Another thing to remember when you're doing this that most people overlook and that is to NOT rub the cologne into your skin. Rubbing it into your skin weakens it and it will dissipate much faster.

When you should apply cologne

The best time to apply cologne is right after you step out of a nice, hot shower. What happens after a hot shower is your skin's pores are open and will capture the scents and keep them in your skin longer so that it will last all day. We also recommend that you don't combine colognes with other smells like body sprays....etc. You'll end up with some weird smells and the cologne will be less effective by doing this. We also recommend using fragrance free soap as this will not interfere with your cologne. 

What type of cologne is best for me?

Now everyone has different tastes and a different sense of smell so it's very difficult to say which one is best for you. However the scent you're using should actually change as the seasons change. In the spring and summer time a light, citrusy scent works well and spicy or woodsy scents work well in the fall and winter months. Also the cologne you wear for work may not be the best when you're hitting the night club on Saturday night.

One more thing to keep in mind and that is drinking, smoking, cooking or even eating certain foods can have a negative impact on your cologne. For example, spicy foods will have much more of an impact on how you smell than a salad will.

We hope these tips will help you next time you plan on applying cologne or the next time you're looking for your next bottle. We have a great selection of men's colognes for you to choose from on our site. Click on the link now to view our colognes:

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